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With the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing requirements that are in place, the Town of Surfside urges residents to make evacuation plans now and to also include back-up options. Being a barrier island, Surfside is in an evacuation zone. Storm surge may flood the entire Town. Be prepared to evacuate.

If an evacuation order is given, YOU MUST LEAVE and move to a safe location outside the evacuation zone. Do not wait. Bridges may close when the storm arrives. Additionally, Surfside Police and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue will be required to evacuate, and therefore emergency services will be unavailable.

Should you have to evacuate the area, be sure to take your identification with you and expect possible delays returning home. In the aftermath of a storm, the Surfside Police Department will set up a secure perimeter around the Town and, together with the Public Works Department, will assess damage including extreme flooding, downed electric lines and debris blocking roadways. It could take several days until the area is deemed safe. This is for everyone’s safety!