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  1. How can I prepare for hurricane season?

    Here are several ways to prepare:

    • Create a hurricane kit with non-perishable food and emergency supplies for your household. To minimize your exposure to other people, use a delivery service, such as Instacart, Amazon Prime and Shipt. Avoid a direct hand off by having the bags left by your door and also tip the driver electronically;
    • Make a plan to evacuate should a mandatory evacuation order be issued for the Town. If possible, try to coordinate with a friend or family member who lives inland, outside of the coastal evacuation zones;
    • In the event of a hurricane, take all necessary steps to secure your house, structure or property including hurricane shutters;
    • Ensure that your property has been cleared of lawn furniture and any other items that may become airborne; and
    • Make sure that you have food, water, medical prescriptions and supplies for each member of your household (including pets) to last at least a week.
  2. How can I safely evacuate?

    The Town strongly suggests that residents make their evacuation plans now. Surfside is located in Storm Surge Planning Zone B, which means a mandatory evacuation order will be issued for a Category 2 Hurricane or higher. If an evacuation order is issued by the County, all Surfside residents will be required to comply. Surfside Police and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue will also be required to evacuate, and therefore emergency services will be unavailable.

    To view the evacuation routes in Surfside, please refer to: Evacuation Routes

    Miami-Dade County has more information on evacuating and evacuation centers.

  3. If we have to evacuate, when can we return home?

    The safety of our residents is our highest priority. Therefore, please expect possible delays returning home. In the aftermath of a storm, the Surfside Police Department will set up a secure perimeter around the Town and, together with the Public Works Department, will assess damage including extreme flooding, downed electric lines and debris blocking roadways. It could take several days until the area is deemed safe.

    Residents will not be allowed back into Town until an all clear is issued by Surfside Police Chief Julio Yero or his designee. Authorities will notify residents and business owners when they can return via CodeRed notifications, in addition to the Town’s communication channels: Town notifications (e-blasts), Nextdoor and the Town website at

    Residents are asked to please plan accordingly and to not have expectations of an immediate return.

  4. Whom can I contact for elderly evacuation assistance?

    Miami-Dade County offers an Emergency & Evacuation Assistance Program (EEAP) for residents who require transportation assistance, medical attention, skilled nursing, or those who have medical equipment which relies on electricity. However, registration for this service is required in advance of any storms, preferably at the start of hurricane season. If you or someone you know requires assistance, please call 311.

  5. What if I am disabled or a resident with special needs?

    If you or someone you know needs assistance with signing up for alerts, or you are a person with special needs who needs further support, please contact the Surfside Police Department non-emergency number at 305-861-4862.

  6. What should I do with my pet?

    Miami-Dade County offers resources for pet owners. To learn more, visit:

  7. Will the Town of Surfside provide sandbags?

    No, the Town of Surfside does not provide sandbags.

  8. Where can I park my car during the storm?

    Public parking options in Surfside are limited to municipal surface lots. Private parking garages are not open to the general public. Residents should make their own arrangements for their vehicles.

  9. What happens with large construction equipment in the event of a hurricane?

    As part of the Town’s emergency operations plans, all contractors operating construction equipment in Surfside will be mandated to clear or secure their equipment ahead of landfall to limit flying debris and damage.

  10. What happens if my power goes out?

    Power outages are to be expected during hurricanes and major storm events. If you experience an outage, please report it to Florida Power and Light (FPL) by calling them directly at 800.468.8243 or via the FPL outage website

  11. Who should I call with any public safety concerns?

    Once a hurricane warning is issued, the Surfside Police Department will staff its Emergency Operations Center and a resident hotline will be activated. In the meantime, public safety questions can be directed to the Police Department as follows:

    • Non-emergency: 305-861-4862
    • Emergencies:9-1-1
  12. Where can I go to receive regular updates leading up to, during and after a hurricane?

    For regular updates, please refer to the following resources and communication channels:

    • Text SURFSIDE to 99411 to register for CodeRED emergency notifications or download the CodeRED app
    • Sign up for Town Email Notifications: Town Notifications
    • Visit the Town website:
    • Sign up for Miami-Dade County Alerts: Miami-Dade Alerts
    • Visit the National Hurricane Center website: Follow Miami-Dade County on social media at: @MiamiDadeCounty
    • Follow Miami-Dade County Emergency Management on social media at: @MiamiDadeEM