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Prior to Hurricane Season:

  • Have an expert safely trim any trees next to power lines.
  • Prune trees during the tree species dormant season or during early spring.
  • Make sure to correctly dispose of all tree cuttings since branches and stumps left out in the open can become projectiles during a storm. Bulk waste pick up takes place

After the Storm:

  • Survey the area for downed power lines. Call Florida Power & Light at 1-800-4-OUTAGE (1-800-468-8243) as soon as possible and keep yourself and others at a safe distance away from any broken power lines.
  • Survey your property and remove trees or branches that are blocking access to your home.
  • Cut any leaning or split trees that have a high probability of falling and causing additional damage to lives or property.
  • Remove trees that are blocking access to utility poles or boxes. Remember that the wires may be live, so do not attempt to remove trees leaning on power lines.