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Community Awareness Flyer

On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, at 5:30 pm, a resident walking his dogs was approached by a couple in a newer model black Yukon in the 9200 block of Carlyle Avenue. The driver of the vehicle was a white male (not Hispanic), approximately 40 years old, with a European accent and black hair described as well groomed, with a colorful tattoo on his left forearm. Two small children were in the back seat of the vehicle. The male subject asked the resident for directions to the nearest hospital, which he provided. After receiving directions to the hospital, the female passenger exited the vehicle and approached the resident. The female was described as slim, approximately 5’2”, middle eastern with black hair and wearing “gypsy garments” with a Jade carved medallion. The female told him she was from Dubai and said that it was her father’s birthday. She produced a gold chain which she described as being a good luck charm and began to wrap the residents left wrist with the chain while unbuckling his Rolex watch. The resident realized the female removed the watch from his wrist and immediately grabbed it back and threatened to call police. The female got back in the vehicle and the subjects fled the area.

  • Be cautious and alert when approached by strangers.
  • Immediately report any suspicious person(s) or vehicles in your neighborhood, including solicitors knocking on doors.
  • If you are not sure who is at your door, do not open it! Immediately call police if you have doubts about their legitimacy.
  • If you leave on vacation, call the police department to request a watch order and officers will check your property daily.

Please remember to report any suspicious activity to the Surfside Police Department at 305.861.4862.