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Are You Experiencing an Iguana Invasion?


If you are experiencing an iguana invasion like most South Florida locals, here are 10 tips to control the pesky iguana problem plaguing your yard:

  1. Do NOT feed the iguanas. They love pet food, leafy greens, fruits and vegetables. Remove fruit that has fallen from trees or plants.
  2. Remove vegetation that iguanas love to munch on, including flowering plants like hibiscus, orchids, roses and impatiens. Instead use tough plants with thick leaves, as well as citrus, pentas and crotons.
  3. Protect plants with wire netting, cages or screen enclosures.
  4. Install sheet metal guards around trees, approximately 18” inches from the base, to prevent climbing.
  5. Make your yard less inviting by removing dense thickets, rock piles and landscape debris that provide protective cover for iguanas.
  6. Fill holes left by iguanas.
  7. Keep a water hose handy and available to spray sunbathing iguanas.
  8. Startle them with loud noises, such as banging two pots together.
  9. Further scare iguanas by hanging CDs near sea walls or on trees and plants you want to protect.
  10. Set up traps in a shaded area during the day when iguanas are most active for easier removal. Be sure to check traps every 24 hours – it is the law!

The Town of Surfside is not responsible for the removal of iguanas. For your convenience, please find a list of wildlife trappers by county on the Florida Fish and Wildlife’s website.

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