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Surfside Police Department Community Awareness Message: Auto Burglaries


The Surfside Police Department is investigating three vehicle burglaries that occurred on Carlyle Avenue, between the 8800 and 9200 block. The burglaries occurred on March 6th, 2019, at 02:42 hours. All of the vehicles were parked in the driveway and were unlocked. Four designer sunglasses and a handgun were stolen.

Remember to lock your vehicles.

• DO NOT leave a vehicle key inside your vehicle, even if it is locked.

• DO NOT leave items of value in your vehicle, or in plain sight.

• Immediately report any suspicious persons or vehicles in your neighborhood, including solicitors knocking on doors.

• If you leave on vacation, call the police department to place your house on a watch order and we will check your property daily.

The Police Department offers free residential security assessments and encourages residents to take advantage of this service.

Please remember to report any suspicious activity to the Surfside Police Department at 305.861.4862.

To view the original Surfside Police Department flyer, please refer to the following link: Surfside Police Department Community Flyer - Auto Burglaries