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03/01/20 - Salem K Theatre Presents "Shoreside Stories"


Come out to the Community Center on Sunday, March 1, 2020 to catch the latest project by Salem K Theatre and the "Miami Radio Players," Shoreside Stories.

There will be two performances on March 1st, one at 5:30 pm and the other at 7:30 pm. For tickets and more information, please call 310.259.9620. 

Below please find a synopsis of the Shoreside Stories performance:

Shoreside,  a  town  somewhere  on  Miami  Beach,  where  a  British  couple  and their dog  have settled and discovered “Paradise” with its colorful characters and ongoing comic adventures.

Shoreside  episodes  plus  Shoreside  Comic  Shorts  are  Performed  by  The  Miami Radio  Players a  group  of  professional  actors  based  in  Miami,  Florida,  adding  a  21st Century  twist  to  the  "live radio play" format made popular in the heyday of radio, during the 1920s and 30s.