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Mayor's Letter to Residents


Hello Everyone, 

As we are approaching two months of quarantining, the tide is gradually beginning to turn, yet we find ourselves in a bit of a paradox, Florida is starting to open up, while South Florida is still not quite ready to follow. 

As you may be aware, the South Florida region had been hit considerably harder than other parts of the State, so our reopening is going to be a bit slower.  The encouraging news is that the death rate as a percentage of those who’ve had the virus continues to fall, as the total number of those who test positive for coronavirus antibodies increases.  Given that, please stay with the current program of “safer at home,” and I believe that we’ll continue to make progress towards the goal of “getting back to normal,” in the age of this global pandemic.

In spite of the virus, your new Commission is continuing to drive forward with up to two meetings a week in an effort to clean up old messes and address the campaign promises we made.  

If you’ve been able to join us for our weekly meetings, you’ve seen all your new elected officials in action.  Here’s only a little of what is being done by each: 

  • Eliana is working hard to keep the parks and recreation department connected with, and responsive to our residents, while also leading the effort to vastly improve our communications with residents.
  • Charles K. is leading the Town’s Covid-19 response team and has ensured that the Town, and its residents connect with, and are aware of every resource available to overcome the challenge we face.
  • Nelly has been focused on fixing flooding, safely restarting construction and getting PPE’s (personal protection equipment) to the most vulnerable among us.
  • Tina is working to upgrade our TV channel 663 and to address the Town’s efforts towards sustainability and resiliency.  

I’ve been focused on making sure our meetings are efficient, productive, to the point, interesting, transparent and most importantly, open to all who wish to participate.  Virtually every one of my campaign promises is on our current agenda, along with those of our other officials. 

I’m committed, as are my colleagues, to getting results – because at the end of the day, all the talk, promises and endless political chatter mean nothing without “getting the task done.”

As always, we all continue to be at your service.

Please take care, 

Charles W. Burkett

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