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Mayor's Letter to Residents


Dear Surfside Residents,

We have, through no fault of our own, found ourselves dropped into a global humanitarian crisis. The heretofore unknown COVID-19 outbreak, otherwise known as the coronavirus, has gone from an obscure news item, which originated in China, to a worldwide pandemic, which now is threatening our Country and by extension, Surfside.

As a result of the threat to our State and our Community, our Governor & County Mayor have taken decisive action.

And while there are many details which can be found at:

I wanted to share with you what I thought were the most notable aspects of those actions.

They include:

  1. The closure of all schools, beaches, parks and recreational facilities.
  2. The closure of all non-essential retail and commercial establishments, including bars and restaurants. Many however can remain open for takeout and delivery service only.
  3. Hotels, motels, short-term vacation rentals and other commercial lodging cannot accept new reservations, except for “essential lodgers”.
  4. Rafting or boats tying up together at sandbars and the like is prohibited.
  5. As of now there are some curfews in place, but not in Surfside unless you are under the age of 17.

To fight the battle against this virus, the full force of the Federal, State, County and Surfside government is laser focused on one goal – to protect our residents, get this virus under control and then beat it!

Your new Surfside Town Commission has only been on the job for five days, but since day one, it has been 100% engaged with all of the above-mentioned authorities, and stands ready to protect and serve the residents of our Town.

I, along with your other elected officials, are available 24/7 to answer your questions and take whatever action we can to assist you through this difficult time – please do not hesitate to contact us – it’s what we are here for.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that we are all in this together and it’s going to take a team effort to try to quickly beat this virus. Here are five easy steps to think about, as you go through your day, to help the effort:

Do the Five - Hands, wash them often. Elbow, cough into it, Face, don't touch it. Space, keep safe distance. Home, stay if you can.

Stay calm, stay home and stay safe.

Charles W. Burkett

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