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Town of Surfside Pool Guidelines


Town of Surfside Pool Guidelines

Surfside Community Center Pool operations starting on Sunday, February 1, 2021 with updated guidelines.

Per County and New Normal Guidelines, the Town of Surfside Community Center Main Recreational Pool will be limited for Residents to Lap Swim and Recreational Swim, under the following restrictions:

- The pool will be open to Surfside Residents only. Only Surfside Residents will be allowed to reserve either a lap lane or a recreational swim time slot
- No guests are allowed - NO EXCEPTIONS
- Swimming allowed by RESERVATION ONLY
*Recreational Swim RSVP: must be made by calling (305) 866 -3635 during hours of operation, a confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours.
*Lap Swim RSVP: can be made by calling (305) 866 -3635 or online at

- Accommodations for Lap Swim:
        * Maximum of one swimmer per lane. Lanes 1 - 5
        * Note that the lane dept. varies from 5ft to 6ft with Lane 1 being located in the 6ft
        * Lap swimmers must be at least 6 years old and be able to swim laps
- Accommodations for Recreational Swim
        * Maximum of 1 household recreational swim reservations per day
                   a. Swim members must be in the same household
                   b. Maximum of 10 group members per household
         * Swimmers cannot swim beyond their designated reservation space
         * Facial coverings are not to be worn while swimming
         * All children 3 and under must wear swim diapers
- Swim Equipment 
         * There will be no swim equipment available to the public. As an alternative,            personal equipment can be used
- Spa
         * The spa is limited to 2 guests at a time
         * There is a 15-minute time limit, please be courteous to others waiting
         * Must be at least 18 years old to use the Spa
         * Rec Swim 3 (Tot Lot) water feature apparatus and slides are available for use by the family with that reservation.
         *  Main Pool Water Slide will be accessible to the family who reserves Rec Swim 2 only.
- Pool Hours of Operation
         * Rec Swim 1 & Rec Swim 2 & Rec Swim 3 (Tot-Lot)
                   a. Rec Swim 1 & Rec Swim 2: Monday to Sunday 7:00 am to 6:30 pm
                   b. Rec Swim 3 (Tot-Lot) Monday to Sunday 9:30 am to 6:30 pm 
          * Lap Swim (Lanes 1 -5)
                     a. Monday to Sunday 7:00 am to 6:30 pm                    
- Deck
           * Lounge chairs will be accessible for those with a reservation
           * Lounge chairs will be labeled, please use the chair associated with your RSVP

We ask for your assistance and adherence to the following policies and procedures:
• Use of Facial Coverings is required when entering and exiting the pool
• Facial Coverings only to be removed once in the pool
• Facial Coverings to be put back on upon exiting pool
• Swimmers to furnish their own equipment to swim
• Clean and wipe down your equipment. No sharing
• Arrive as close as possible to time of play

Lap Lane Reservations

Lap Lane Reservations to occur via phone or online at least two days prior to lap lane time. To make a reservation please call the Surfside Community Center at (305) 866 - 3635 or click on the link below. 


• Click on the time slot to get started
• Select book on the top left corner
• Enter your First/Last name, email and phone number
• Confirm booking reservation  
• Please notice you must be registered in our system to reserve a court. 
Failure to present proof of residency may result in forfeiture of lap lane reservation.
For more information: CLICK HERE

For further information, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at
305-866-3635 or visit