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High Rip Current Risk Until Wednesday, Nov. 24


Please be advised that the National Weather Service has issued a High Rip Current Risk alert for all Atlantic beaches effective now through the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 24. Additionally an elevated risk of rip currents is expected throughout the week.

The Rip Current Risk alert warns of dangerous rip currents expected in the ocean. Rip currents have the potential to sweep even experienced swimmers away from the shore and into deep water.

For your safety, it is safest to avoid entering the ocean or any water activities at this time.

Rip Current Safety:
Always swim near a lifeguard. If caught in a rip current, do not swim against the current. If able, swim parallel to the beach. If you are unable to escape the tide, face the shoreline and call for help.

To view the Rip Current Statement from the National Weather Service, please refer to: Rip Current Statement.

national weather service rip current illustration