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In response to past flood events and in anticipation of future ones, the Town of Surfside Commission recently approved the purchase and distribution of inflatable sandless “sandbags,” known as Deluge Sandless Sandbags, to aid residents with reducing flood risks. The Surfside Public Works Department will conduct a sandless bags giveaway to qualifying residential single-family homes. 

In order to participate, residents must register using the form below. The deadline to register is Wednesday, June 30. To be eligible, residents must live in a single-family home with a garage. Quantities are limited to one 5-pack of sandless bags per household and each pack covers an area of up to 10-feet. The Surfside Public Works Department will deliver the bags to residents. 

The bags were purchased from LatamXport LLC. They activate by expanding when contact is made with water. This process can provide protection and minimize damage to your home or property during flood events.  Because the finished floor elevations of garages are typically lower than the elevations of homes themselves, garages are particularly prone to flooding during sunny day flood events and heavy rainfall. The inflatable bags provide an efficient way to help reduce such situations and do not utilize sand in doing so.

To learn more about how the Deluge Sandless Sandbags work, please refer to the LatamXport LLC website at: LatamXport - About Us

For questions, please contact the Surfside Public Works Department at 305.861.4863, Ext. 235.