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Frank Trigueros

Frank Trigueros

Tourism Manager
9301 Collins Avenue, Surfside, Florida
Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Mission Statement:

Encourage patronage of Surfside’s hotels and restaurants through cooperative events, promotional activities, marketing, public relations and advertising opportunities. Assist in the improvement of the Surfside Business District by functioning as a promotional partner, advisor and advocate on initiatives.

Services, Functions, and Activities:

Surfside is one of only three municipalities in Miami-Dade County currently eligible by Florida State Law to impose a Resort Tax of four percent (4%) on accommodations and two percent (2%) on food and beverage sales as a source of revenue. Miami Beach and Bal Harbour are the other two municipalities with the same capability. This unique revenue generating opportunity is also defined in the Town’s Charter in Sec, 69-A. Resort Tax. The Tourist Resort Tax Fund is a special revenue fund within the Town of Surfside’s budget. This means that the funds, like all special revenue funds, are collected from specific sources and dedicated to specific allowable uses.

The Tourist Board Members, appointed by the Town’s Commission, oversee the legal and appropriate use of these funds through the Tourism Director and the operations of the Tourist Bureau. The Tourist Bureau is responsible for promoting the Town’s dining, shopping, lodging, recreation and beach to visitors nationally, internationally, and within the state of Florida. Attracting visitors from within the state as well as other US cities, in addition to many Latin America countries, Canada, United Kingdom, and Israel.

Surfside is currently experiencing tremendous growth and redevelopment in the tourism sector, including the recent addition of the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club, as well as new restaurants and boutiques along Harding Avenue. The Tourist Resort Tax Fund revenue, generated by these new businesses as well as the landmark existing businesses, is up by nearly 16% from the previous year. Our destination marketing efforts, combined with the marketing efforts of the local hotels and businesses have put Surfside on the map.  We’re proud to re-invest 66% of those tax revenues back into the operation of the Community Center, which is fully funded by this money thus lessening the tax burden on residents. The other 34% goes to promote the Town as a tourist destination with the help of the Tourist Board.

Finally, The Town of Surfside’s Tourist Bureau is making a concerted effort to promote, assist, partner and advise local businesses in an effort to create a sense of place that encourages retention, and economic development, while retaining and enhancing the characteristics that attract residents and visitors.

Overall, the responsibilities, focus and implementation of Tourist Board approved initiatives from the Tourist Bureau through the Tourism Director includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Plan, organize and manage all Tourist Bureau visitor marketing, public relations, advertising, promotional activities and events based on the Three Year Strategic Tourism Plan.
  • Maintain working rapport with hotel management, restaurants, and businesses to encourage and develop participation in Tourist Bureau initiatives.
  • Implement communication plans and strategies to reach various groups and individuals for the purpose of attracting and securing potential customers for accommodations, dining, and shopping for each event and promotion.
  • Oversee creative, production and implementation of all marketing communications such as website, new media, brochures, and event signage.
  • Oversee resort tax compliance issues in an effort to maximize revenue collection for the Town. The amendment to the Resort Tax Ordinance provides the necessary documentation and enforcement procedures lacking from the original 1960 version.
  • Maintain a welcome service in the Community Center for visitors, business owners/operators and residents to respond to all requests.
  • Represent the Town in matters pertaining to various tour and travel associations and similar tourism organizations.

For additional information on Surfside businesses please visit the Surfside Business Associations' website at Note: the content on this website does not necessarily reflect the position or views of the Town.