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County Service Advisory: Red Road Water Main Project May Impact Local Water Pressure

The Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (WASD) will begin construction activities for its Red Road Water Main Refurbishment Project starting tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan. 3. Construction work on the water main, which is located in the City of Hialeah, will take approximately four to six weeks to complete and will occur in phases.

Local Impact
While this project is ongoing, the northern and northeastern portions of Miami-Dade County including Surfside may experience intermittent instances of lower-than-normal water pressure, especially during peak demand times in the early morning and evening hours. Customers who live in high-rise buildings within these areas of the county may want to ask their maintenance personnel to verify the operation of the booster pump systems. Boosters help deliver water to the higher floors of the building. Building maintenance staff may need to evaluate and temporarily adjust operating set points to facilitate continuous operation.

WASD staff will also employ mitigating actions to offset impacts to consumers. Should you need to report complete service interruptions, please call the Department’s Emergency Communications Center at 305-274-927.

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