Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Building Department to facilitate quality construction for the safety and enhancement of the lives of the citizens of the Town of Surfside. We will achieve this by continually raising the levels of professionalism and by creating an environment of cooperation and mutual benefit with those we serve.

Services, Functions, and Activities:

The Building Services Department provides a full range of services to the residents and commercial property developers of the Town with the aim of ensuring that all buildings and other regulated structures do not pose injury and/or death hazards in any reasonably predictable environment (sunshine to hurricane). In addition to reducing risks to life, the department seeks to minimize risk to property. Minimizing hazards through compliance with State of Florida Building Code and appropriate Federal agencies ensures that insurance discounts are received and code compliant buildings are completed. These responsibilities include addressing the State of Florida Building Code by reviewing plans, issuing permits, performing field inspections, and issuing Certificates of Occupancy.

The Building and Zoning Department is open to provide personal service at the Town Hall lobby counter from 9 AM until 5 PM, Monday through Friday. For information by telephone, call 305.861.4863.

Maintaining high levels of building standards, enforcing applicable code requirements, and providing information, service and assistance to the public are the objectives of Surfside's employees in the building and zoning area.

The Town of Surfside's Building and Zoning Department is responsible for ensuring that all work done in the Town meets the Town's code as well as the Florida Building Code and that appropriate permits are issued either to licensed and insured contractors, or under certain limited circumstances allowed by law, to homeowners directly.

The state, county and local laws that apply to established minimum building regulations are designed to ultimately protect the public against substandard work that could potentially be a source of serious financial and/or safety issues to the homeowner and to the general public. The Town's zoning policies are designed to continuously protect and enhance the community.

All residents are encouraged to visit the Building Department Links on this section or visit Town Hall to check on applicable regulations not just before commencing any work, but also before entering into any contract for covered construction or repair activities. The property owner is responsible for complying with building permit requirements, which will include a process of checking on a proposed plan's compliance with applicable codes.

Inspectors work for the Town on a part-time basis and are generally available for inspection appointments.

Contractors wishing to pull a permit in the Town must have the following:

State Certified:

  1. Copy of the current State of Florida Certified License. *
  2. Certificate of Insurance with the Town of Surfside as the certificate holder-must include the category of work being insured-showing: *
    1. Personal liability and property damage coverage; and, **
    2. Workmen's Compensation coverage. Note that individuals and companies providing a copy of the State exemption only must provide in addition to the exemption a notarized letter stating that they do not have any employees that will be performing the work specified in the permit. If a corporation is providing an exemption, it must be accompanied by a letter stating that the individual(s) whose name(s) appears on the exemption(s) is the sole person(s) actually performing the work.
  3. Occupational License from permanent or branch office in Florida. *
  4. Metro-Dade County State Contractor's Certificate of Registration. *

Dade County Certified (State Registered):

  1. Dade County's Certificate of Competency.
  2. State registration, if required. *
  3. Municipal contractors occupational license.
  4. Dade County occupational license.
  5. Certificate of Insurance (See Item #2 under State Certified).

* The information requested must be in the same company or individual name.

** For electrical contractors this amount must be at least $500,000 per state requirement. No permit will be issued to electrical contractors whose certificate of insurance shows less than this amount.


Property Assessed Clean Energy or PACE Program
The Clean Energy Coastal Corridor is now active under the Property Assessed Clean Energy or PACE Program. Funding for qualifying improvements including energy efficiency projects that will reduce consumption, renewable energy such as solar, geothermal and wind energy and wind resistant improvements are all considered under the PACE Program. Interest rates are determined by market conditions and are then fixed for up to 25 years and repayment is through a non-ad valorem assessment on the property tax bill. Application fees are $25 for residential and $50 for commercial properties. For more information please visit http://www.FloridaPACE.gov.