Planning Department Services

The Planning Department for the Town of Surfside serves two main functions. The first is to work with the Town Commission and Town Manager to guide development in a manner that embraces the character of Surfside. This is done through the Town Code of Ordinances, the Comprehensive Plan and other planning activities.

The second is to review all new developments and modifications to existing development to ensure they are compatible with the Town’s Code of Ordinances.

This review process is important to maintaining a pleasant quality of life for residents and visitors to our Town.  In general, these reviews fall into two categories: 1) projects that require only staff level review and 2) those that require additional review by the Town’s Planning and Zoning Board. This Board is appointed by the Town Commission to conduct a Design Review of all structures to be constructed or renovated and to advise the Town Commission and Town manager on issues relating to planning and zoning for the Town.

Please note that complete and zoning compliant plans must be submitted 30 days in advance of a scheduled Board meeting to be included on the Agenda for that date. A pre-Application meeting with the Town Planner is required before submitting an application for the Planning and Zoning Board. This meeting may be in-person or virtual. If you are considering a new project please call Town Planner, Judith Frankel at 305-861-4863 ext. 497

📅 View the Planning and Zoning Board Meeting schedule with submission deadlines.

The Building Permit Application Form is required to apply for projects that will not need Planning and Zoning Board Approval. 

    • Such projects include:
      • Rear Yard Fences
      • Rear Yard Pools
      • Driveways
      • Decks
      • Trellis
      • Rooftop photovoltaic solar systems
      • Sheds
      • Screens

There are two main forms for projects requiring approval from the Planning and Zoning Board.

Single Family and Two-Family Houses.

Such projects include:

  • New Homes
  • Additions to existing homes
  • Renovations to the exterior of an existing structure
  • Garage Conversions
  • Changes to the outwardly appearance of a structure
  • Front Yard pools
  • Front yard fences

Multi-Family and Non-residential Developments.