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Feb. 26 Safe Streets Community Workshop Recap

Traffic Study Overview

Traffic engineering experts from The Corradino Group recently conducted a Town-wide traffic study to evaluate traffic operations along key corridors, confirm vehicle operating speeds, complete a crash review of key segments with the goal of recommending potential new traffic-calming measures and pedestrian-safety improvements.


Traffic Study Summary Presentation

Safe Streets Survey: Community Insights Revealed

In the fall of 2023, the Town launched a survey to learn about residents’ pedestrian habits and factor that data into the broader Safe Streets initiative. The Town has tabulated the results and is sharing some of the findings where 224 community members shared their thoughts on how to make Surfside safer. 

Demographic Diversity:

The survey captured a diverse range of voices. Notably, 74% of respondents were between 18 and 65 years old, reflecting the perspectives of our working-age population. Meanwhile, 24% were over 65, highlighting the importance of addressing safety concerns for our senior residents. Additionally, nearly 2% were under 18, emphasizing the need for safety measures catering to our younger citizens.

Walking Habits and Concerns:

Daytime activities reign supreme, with over 80% of respondents reporting more frequent walks during daylight hours. However, despite the enjoyment of strolling through Town, concerns about safety persist. From speeding cars to the lack of sidewalks and shaded areas, residents voiced a desire for enhanced safety measures to make walking a more secure and enjoyable experience.

Barriers to Walking:

16% of respondents cited the absence of sidewalks as a hindrance to walking, highlighting an infrastructure gap that demands attention. Moreover, hot weather dissuaded over 20% of residents from walking, signaling the need for climate-sensitive urban planning. Safety concerns were also prevalent, with over 13% expressing apprehension about walking due to perceived safety risks.

Traffic Safety Concerns:

73% of survey participants reported feeling that drivers in Surfside do not adhere to speed limits. Additionally, approximately 64% emphasized the necessity of traffic calming measures near their residences, with preferences leaning toward speed bumps and crosswalks. Many advocated for increased police presence to deter reckless driving behaviors.

The Surfside Safe Streets: Community Survey reveals key safety concerns and aspirations within the community. By addressing issues such as pedestrian infrastructure, traffic enforcement, and urban planning, the Town can collaboratively create safer, more enjoyable streets for all residents and visitors.

Safe Streets Community Survey Results

Stay tuned for the After-Action Report!