Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1 to November 30. During this time always take the following steps:

  • Know your evacuation plan
    Surfside is located in Zone B of the Storm Surge Planning Zone. This means residents must evacuate in the event of a Category 2 Hurricane or higher. All Town personnel, including the Police, must also evacuate.
  • Have a hurricane safety kit
    Visit for the Miami-Dade County Hurricane Guide, including a safety kit checklist and evacuation routes
  • Trim large trees and dispose of hazardous materials prior to hurricane season
    This applies to homes , as well as local businesses

Hurricane Warning Checklist

When a hurricane warning is issued, it is important to take several safety measures right away. Do not wait until the last minute. Please refer to the following safety checklist:

  • Bring in loose items from outside your home
    Garbage cans, bicycles, children's toys, exterior furniture, or anything unsecured
  • Install storm shutters or board up windows
  • Stock up on water and nonperishable food items
    Make sure to have enough to last up to one (1) week
  • Ensure that no garbage is left outside before or during the hurricane
  • Make sure to gas up your vehicle before the storm
    Move your vehicle into your garage or onto higher ground, if available
  • Charge electronics and keep portable batteries handy
  • Unplug all the appliances in your home and office/business
  • Document all important valuables in your home and store important documents
  • Withdraw emergency funds from an ATM

Post Hurricane Safety

In case of a mandatory evacuation:

The Town of Surfside is located in Zone B of the Storm Surge Planning Zone, which means that all residents including Town personnel and the Police must evacuate for a Category 2 hurricane or higher.

  • Residents and local business owners will not be allowed to return to the Town of Surfside until authorities say it is safe to do so
  • The Surfside Police Department will set up a secure perimeter around Town and, together with the Public Works Department, will assess the damage. This could mean waiting an extended period of time
  • Authorities will notify residents and business owners when they can return via CodeRED Notifications. Text SURFSIDE to 99411 to register for CodeRED or download the CodeRED Mobile Alert App.

Once back at your home or local business, after the storm


  • Call FPL to report power outages
    The Town of Surfside is a customer of FPL and therefore has no jurisdiction over individual FPL claims, outages or other related issues. Contact FPL at 800.468.8243
  • Take photos of any personal or public destruction of property
    This is crucial to use as documentation for insurance claims
  • Empty any standing water in or around your property
    Concentration of water can lead to the spread of disease and also attracts mosquitoes


  • Do not use the following indoors: generators, gas grills or burn charcoal
  • Avoid stepping or driving on puddles at all times
    Fallen power lines, sharp objects from debris, or animals may be hiding in puddles
  • Do not open manhole covers to drain flooded roadways
    This could overburden the sewer system and cause overflows

For more post-storm safety tips, please visit

Important Numbers

If you have a medical emergency, call 911 immediately

For rumor control, information, and/or evacuation assistance, call 311

For local updates, please call the Town Resident Hotline at 305-993-1070. (Only activated prior, during and after an emergency)

For all other matters, call the Surfside Police nonemergency line at 305-861-4862

Make sure to follow Miami-Dade County's social media channels @MiamiDadeCounty

Additional information can be found at