Home Chemical Collection

All Miami-Dade County residents can visit the Miami-Dade County Home Chemical Collection Centers any time during normal operating hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesday – Sunday). No appointment is needed. No commercial disposal is permitted.

The locations of the Home Chemical Collection are as follows:

More information on our Home Chemical Collection Centers

Bulk Trash Disposal

All Miami-Dade County residents can dispose of bulk trash at one of the landfills, for a fee.

The locations of the landfills are as follows:

More information on landfills, including disposal fees

* Accepts used motor oil
** Accepts used electronics
*** Does not accept white goods
**** Does not accept tires.

Items Allowed

  • Aluminum, steel and tin cans - empty
  • PET bottles with symbol #1 with screw tops only - empty     
  • HDPE plastic bottles with the symbol #2 (milk, water bottles, detergent and shampoo bottles, etc.) - empty   
  • Plastic containers with symbols #3 - #7: empty (no expanded polystyrene) 
  • Glass food & beverage containers (clear, brown and green) - empty
  • Uncoated paperboard (ex. Cereal boxes; food and snack boxes)
  • Newspaper, mail, magazines, glossy inserts, pamphlets and catalogs
  • Uncoated printing, phone books, writing and office paper
  • Old corrugated containers/cardboard (uncoated)
*Any items not listed above are not permissible.

Items Not Allowed

  • Garbage or other non-recyclable waste ex. cylinders, tanks, rocks, dirt, building debris, flammables
  • Batteries ex. dry cell batteries, lead acid batteries
  • Certain glass products ex. window or auto glass, incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs, mirrors, glass cookware or bakeware, ceramics
  • Plastic bags, foam, trays and containers
  • Home chemicals ex. paints, pesticides
  • Medical waste and pharmaceuticals
  • Electronic waste and accessories ex. PCs, monitors, televisions, printer cartridges, keyboards, cell phones, CDs and DVDs
  • Other non-recyclables ex. coat hangers, small appliances, microwave trays
  • Empty propane or oxygen tanks

Hazardous Waste Collection

Once a year in May, the Town collects hazardous waste materials. Please call Town Hall at 305.861.4863 for our schedule and more information.