Boards and Committees perform an important function to the Town Commission and Surfside community overall. Appointed by the Commission, members donate their time to serve and advise the Town on key areas of interest.


WHY SHOULD I JOIN A BOARD OR COMMITTEE? Joining a board or committee is a meaningful way to help shape Surfside’s future and serve the community we live in. You’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the policy-making process, direct tax dollars, offer valuable input, and participate in the development of Town programs. This rewarding experience will help expand your knowledge of local government while providing personal and professional development. All meetings are open to the public and include an opportunity for discussion and a dynamic exchange of ideas between members.
HOW MANY BOARDS AND COMMITTEES ARE THERE IN SURFSIDE? 7 in total – The boards and committees are: Downtown Vision Advisory Committee (DVAC), Parks and Recreation Committee, Tourist Board, Planning & Zoning Board, Personnel Appeals Board, Police Trust Fund, and Pension Board.
WHAT IS THE TIME COMMITMENT? Each board or committee usually only meets once a month. Some committees only meet once a quarter. Committees meet at the same designated day and time each month or quarter so you can plan in advance. (For example, on the 3rd Monday of every month). Meetings are held in the evenings after work, and last between 1 to 3 hours depending on the agenda and discussions that take place.
HOW DOES THE SELECTION PROCESS WORK FOR EACH BOARD OR COMMITTEE? The selection of members to a board or committee is up to the Town Commission. Each member of the Town Commission is responsible for at least one board member appointment – in some instances it is more.

Once the application period closes, all submitted applications will be reviewed by the entire Commission. Commission members may reach out to talk to you directly about your interests to help in their selection process. Each member of the Town Commission will select from that applicant pool in appointing members at a Commission meeting.
WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SUSTAINABILITY & RESILIENCY COMMITTEE? Instead of relegating this issue to just one committee, your new Commission is committed to giving this important issue a seat on EVERY committee. Most boards and committees will now require at least one member with environmental expertise so that important topics like climate change and sea-level rise are brought to the forefront of all discussions and planning for the Town of Surfside. The DVAC Committee, Parks and Recreation Committee, Planning and Zoning and Tourist Board each have a position to be filled by someone with an education or expertise in sustainability & resiliency, including but not limited to, environmental sciences.
WHAT ARE THE REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS? For all boards and committees, residents must be a registered voter in Miami-Dade County, have a legal residence in the Town of Surfside, and be dedicated to making a difference in their community. Each board and committee has additional specifications based on its activities; scroll down for further details.
IS THERE ANY COMPENSATION TO PARTICIPATE? Participating in a board or committee is completely voluntary and does not include compensation. The satisfaction of contributing to your community is priceless.
WHAT IF I HAVE TO MISS A MEETING? The meeting dates for each board and committee are set ahead of time to help residents plan accordingly, but it is understandable that unforeseen circumstances do come up. In the event that a committee member fails to attend three regularly scheduled meetings in any one calendar year, this will be grounds for removal. A quorum is required in order to hold a meeting so please take your commitment seriously.
WHAT IS A QUORUM? A quorum is the minimum number of voting members that must be present at a meeting in order to conduct business. Meetings that do not have a quorum will be cancelled. Each meeting costs money in Town personnel and preparation. That is why it is important that committee members confirm their attendance in advance and understand the importance of this commitment.