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  • Parks and Recreation Committee

    Surfside’s amazing Community Center is the heart of our Town and the pride of our community. Residents’ high quality-of-life is directly tied to our aquatic center, green spaces, and the availability of programs for seniors, kids, and residents of all ages. Join the Parks and Recreation Committee to help promote and develop special events, sports and fitness programs, cultural arts, camps, senior events, and more. Members make recommendations pertaining to facility operations and guidelines. They also provide input on capital improvement projects for the Town’s community center, parks, and open spaces.

    Appointment & Qualifications:
    The Committee must consist of five (5) voting members who are Surfside residents. One of the members appointed must have education and/or experience in sustainability and resiliency, including but not limited to, environmental sciences.

    MEMBER 1 - Eliana Salzhauer
    MEMBER 2 - Zoya Pashenko
    MEMBER 3 - Shlomo Danzinger
    MEMBER 4 - Retta Logan
    MEMBER 5 - Louisa Agresti